Inside a cell, numerous proteins interact with each-other to form a 'society'; the so-called 'cellular proteome'. Such 'protein-societies' are responsible for proper functioning of every cell. Any deviation from the functional conformation/concentration of a 'single member-protein' may negatively affect the 'society' and lead to gradual functional impairment. This is called 'proteotoxic-collapse' and is often true for many age-related diseases. We are a group of researchers @ CSIR-CCMB, Hyderabad interested in understanding the coordination of the proteins towards a functional proteome and the defence-mechanisms in the face of proteotoxic events.

  • September/2020: Shivali's 'First Person' interview published in Journal of Cell Science.
  • September/2020: Research paper entitled "Increased supraorganization of respiratory complexes is a dynamic multistep remodelling in response to proteostasis stress.." published in Journal of Cell Science.
  • Jun/2019: Research paper entitled "Cytoplasmic sequestration of the RhoA effector mDiaphanous1 by Prohibitin2 promotes muscle differentiation." published online in Scientific Reports.
  • Jan/2019: Research paper entitled "Aggregation of Respiratory Complex Subunits Marks the Onset of Proteotoxicity in Proteasome Inhibited Cells" published online in J Mol Biol.
  • Nov/2018: Research paper entitled "Identification of a splice variant of optineurin which is defective in autophagy and phosphorylation" published online in Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Res.
  • 23/08/2018:Appointed as coordinator of Proteomics facility management committee at CSIR-CCMB.
  • 01/07/2014: Research paper entitled "Conserved C-terminal nascent peptide binding domain of HYPK facilitates its chaperone-like activity" published online in Journal of Biosciences.
  • 27/02/2014: Research paper entitled "Interplay of Acetyltransferase EP300 and the Proteasome System in Regulating Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1" published in Cell.
  • 25/02/2014: Appointed as Head of a Max Planck Partner Group at CSIR-CCMB by Max Planck Society.
  • 04/11/2013: We started at CSIR-CCMB with DBT-Ramalingaswami Fellowship.

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