1. Development of universal DNA based marker for identification of wild animals from parts and remains or their derivates.
  2. Rehabilitation of smuggled star tortoises based on molecular marker studies to their native ranges.
  3. Development of non-invasive techniques to assess fertility and pregnancy status in big cats and ungulates.
  4. Detection of certain parasitic, bacterial and viral diseases in endangered animals from different zoological parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India using DNA-based methods.
  5. Development species-specific microsatellite markers for lion, tiger and leopard to measure heterozygosity and advice zoo management on possible in-breeding.
  6. DNA banking of more than 250 species of mammals, birds and reptiles in India.
  7. Cryopreservation of gonads from endangered species and their effective revival for production of functional gametes.
  8. Produced 'Spotty', a spotted deer fawn and "blacky" a black buck calf using artificial insemination.
  9. Development of protocols for retrieval and cryopreservation of gametes from dead animals and generation of embryos by in vitro fertilization.
  10. Estimation of population, identification of sexes and documentation of their population structure in tigers using non-invasive DNA based technique.