Hy-Sci 2020

Hyderabad’s student-centric conference

HySci is back!

17th and 18th December 2020

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About the Event

In the microcosm of Indian biology research, Hyderabad is a rich hotspot. Regular scientific dialogue and discussions between the students of various research institutes here will not only keep them informed of research happening next door, but also broaden their horizons. To initiate these long overdue discussions, we students from CSIR-CCMB had organized Hy-Sci Conference in 2019. Check out Indiabioscience coverage of Hy-Sci 2019. 

In continuation with that, we are back with Hy-Sci 2020. We envision that this meet will be an enriching experience for the students and will kick start many collaborations and active scientific exchange between different research institutes in Hyderabad, increasing their collective potential and output.

We students from CCMB take great pleasure in inviting graduate students and post docs, along with scientists, working in any field of biology in Hyderabad to this unique and exciting meet.


Oral presentation

Flash talks

Poster presentation

Panel Discussions

Panel discussion on "Beyond the depths of research during PhD"

17th December 2020

Achintya Prahlad

Biologist, Musician

Anish Mokashi

Science educator

Chhavi Dawar

Child right activist, phd scholar

Sayantan Datta

Science writer, Neurobiologist

Somdatta Karak

Science communicator

Panel discussion on "Effective mentoring: Academia and Beyond"

18th December 2020

Venkat Ramaswamy

Bits hyderabad



ccmB hyderabad


CCMB hyderabad

Karishma Kaushik

IBB Pune

Gautam Menon

Ashoka university haryana

Glimpse of Hy-Sci 2019

Panel discussions in Hy-sci 2019

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